Medical Transcription


Medical Transcription Salary Range

Medical transcriptionists should have a basic understanding of how much money they can expect to make in a particular field. Like any job, money equals experience, reputation, and trust. With that said, the medical transcription salary range can often vary quite far, even within the same field. How much money you will make is really up to you, and your skill set and attitude.

First of all, medical transcriptionists are compensated according to the amount of work that they can and are capable of doing. So the more efficient you are, the more money you will make. Now, efficient doesn’t mean what it used to mean before, but it still means the same thing.

As you gain more experience, you can expect to be compensated more as time goes on. The older you get, the more trust you will have in an employer, and the more money you will make. The supply and demand for medical transcriptionists is pretty close to perfect, too. You have plenty of medical transcriptionists out there and, as long as you perform well, you should be able to easily find work.

Because medical transcription work is so readily available, it is also quite easy to find a job. You can just go to a school, sign up for a program, and off you go. You can also apply for work with smaller doctors’ offices or provide your own training, which is much cheaper. Regardless of how you get hired, you will need to take a course or certification program and be ready to work in order to earn the money that you need to live on.

If you’re interested in a medical transcription salary range, you should be aware that it will vary greatly depending on how often you work. If you are a freelancer, you may earn more or less than an employee, but overall the salary range is going to be about the same. In general, the majority of transcriptionists do about 40 hours per week, and that’s on a fairly standard schedule. Even those who do super fancy newADT software and work from home generally still are working 40 hours a week or less.

One interesting note about who earns the most and has the highest average medical transcription income is that those who are working for a hospital typically earn the highest average income. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t pursue this career if you think you can make a lot of money. You just need to know how much you can expect to earn in your particular field.

One surprising statistic is that those who have taken longer to become a certified medical transcriptionist will earn the highest income. That could have to do with the fact that it takes a while to build a solid reputation and get as much experience as they need to be successful in this field. The good news is that once they have that experience, they will continue to be able to work for the hospital or doctor’s office for years to come and that reputation will follow them wherever they go.

Medical transcription income varies from one job to another. Of course, doctors and large health care facilities generally do very well in these figures. However, they are not the only ones. Those who work for smaller doctors’ offices also earn quite well, and they have to do the same exact work that those who are working for large facilities do. That means that the work has to be done in a slightly different manner.

You can expect to earn about $15.00 per hour if you are working a 40 hour week, which is about average. If you work at a smaller facility, you could be making twice that, and sometimes even more than that. What you have to do is to decide the amount of money you want per hour and multiply it by the number of hours you do the job. In other words, for $30.00 per hour you would be making $60.00 per hour.

If the work is heavy and you have to do a lot of it quickly, and you are working for a smaller facility, you may be making twice that amount. What you have to do is to decide the number of hours you wish to work and times per week. For those who work in a smaller facility, you may be working as much as sixty hours a week.

Since medical transcription time is working, you will also have to be working at your own pace. You can take work home, but you will have to get up very early in the morning and stay up late as well. Since doctors’ offices are only open during scheduled appointments, you will have to be able to work when they are scheduled to work. Once you complete your transcription work, you have to withhold all other jobs and perform your work uninterrupted.